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NOVICE INFORMATION- a few questions answered

Why do we do organise the races the way we do?

  • to make a difference
  • for the enjoyment of all taking part and volunteering
  • to help the access to the sport

The event organiser by us are open to all both the expirienced triathlete and the newcomer trying out the sport for the first time. Hedgehogtri was set up in 1998 and was the largest race series in the Sussex area at that time, how things have changed. Paul and the team put on a good friendly, fair and rewarding event that has had many returning athletes over the many years of staging events.

What is a Triathlon or Aquathlon or duathlon
TRIATHLON - has a Swim, Cycle and Run sections.
AQUATHLON - has a Swim and Run sections
DUATHLON - has a first Run, Cycle and then a second Run sections.
AQUABIKE - has a Swim to start then Cycle section, with the finish after the 2nd ttransition (T2), usually a very short run through the main finish.
OPEN WATER SWIM - Outdoor event in open water, must have a wetsuit.

These are multi-sport events against the clock, Triathlon is a swim (pool or Open Water), cycle and run, usually held in a secure off-road safe course. The race is continuous the clock starts at the swim and finishes on completion of the run. An Aquathlon is a swim and run, Duathlon is a run, cycle, run event. All are held under the rules set by the governing body British Triathlon and the event is Permitted after a full risk assessment has been carried out.

Entering an event - ages, distances, on-line entry

  • Age category = All ages for triathlon event are based on your age on 31st December of that year.
  • Triathlon Distances: STANDARD = Swim 600-800m (indoor swim) or 1500m (open water swim), Bike 35-40km, Run 6-10km, SPRINT = Swim 400m (indoor swim) or 750m (open water swim), Cycle 20km, Run 5km, SUPERSPRINT = Swim 200m, cycle 10-20km, Run 2,5-4km,
  • Various distances, so all can achieve
  • Membership - All competitors in a 'Permmitted' British Triathlon event have to be members, either with a full membership OR (for newbees) a DAY MEMBERSHIP. This is purchased at the time of entry and costs £6.00, most of which goes to British Triathlon, details of what insurance cover membership gives you
  • We ask for you estimated swim time over 400m (indoor swim) or 750m (open water swim) regardless of what race you are in, this help us grade the start, so please be as accurate as possible.
  • You will receive a confirmation email after entering, if details are wrong please contact to get them ammended.


Details of all the events on offer are on this site ( They are organised by Hedgehogtri Events for the benefit of theall and the sport as a whole. Continuing the 'Inspiring' work carried out by the Olympic Team, we are keen to see as many people as possible taking part, achieve, enjoy and receive their own medal, hoping they will take part again.

Ages groups are based on the Triathlon England (local TE-Governing body) and are set up in five yearly groups.

Entries on-line: This ensures that all data is correct , with paper entries trying to decider the writing etc can cause problems. A contact email address is always required so we can email race updates and race information. Email receipts are sent out and you can check the 'Entries-so-far' page to ensure the transaction has gone through and they are entered.
The Terms and Conditions of Entry are agreed to through the entry process.

Equipment needed - cycle, helmet, clothing

  • Swimwear, towel, goggles, swim hat (mandatory for open water swimming), also wetsuit (open water swimming)
  • CYCLE - bike with working front and back brakes, mountain of road acceptable, cycle helmet, suitable clothing (to go over the top of swimwear) for the weather.
  • RUN - trainers, run clothing,
  • Additional - Triathlon race number belt (saves pinning on both numbers, alastic shoes laces (helps).

Race information - web page info,

race day instructions on website only

read up on the information before race day

bring the map along on race day and check the entrances and exits of the pool/open water and transition. note the cycle mount dismount points.

Before race day check the 'entries-so-far' page (see website) to check up to date info.
An email directing you to the Race Information will be sent out 5 days before the event. Read the details carefully and ensure you are clear on how the event works. Race Info main page is on the link at the top of the page. Race details will be on-line at least 7 days before the race. No information will be sent out by post -all web based.

On the day - Registration
Please arrive in good time to register and with ALL the equipment.

You would have been emailed your 'Registration Ticket' which you will need to bring along to be scanned at the Event Registration.
Collect the race pack containing the race number and labels for the helmet and cycle & instructions to help you.

All competitors must be members of British Triathlon in order to take part in the event. If you are taking part in a few events through the season think about getting an annual licence and save money. Contact British Triathlon via their website


All adults taking pictures or video will be asked to to wear a 'PHOTOS' labels also in the race pack, throughout the event. Sadly there are no pictures or video allowed to be taken in the pool hall (Leisure company policy).
Finally the triathlete will be body marked with their race number on their arm and calf. This is so we can identify them for timing purposes when not wearing their race number. In Open water swimming the race number will be marked on the back of the hand also.

Once you have attached the numbered labels to the cycle and helmet, your equipment can now be put into the secure transition area.
 Note: Cycle helmets to be worn approaching transition for Helmet check.

Race briefing
This is mainly an online video, a much shorter version may be given to small groups or individuals prior to starting.


Laying out your kit
After you have registered you will need to put the cycle and helmet into the cycle transition area. You will collect your Timing CHIP (this may well be already in the race pack) to be worn on the LEFT ankle. Transition is a secure area once the race has started, so your cycle must be placed in the position on the racking which is numbered.


We would love to have any family members or friends that might be coming along to help assist in the marshaling of the event. Many rolls available from handing out water, pointing directions, taking down finishing bib numbers, we offer a free future adult race, cash towards expenses and a food goodie bag.

Race format - Swimming, transition(s), cycle, run

  • 'Snake' swim each competitor has their own start OR we have 3 or 4 to a lane with a counter to assist.
  • Snake swim - 20-30sec between each start.
  • Lane swims are usually for the longer distances over 400m
  • Open water swims are a 'mass' start.

Swimming in the pool - all competitor will start individually, they will be racing not each other, but against the clock.
All races will follow the 'snake' swim style. Starting position is different for each race distance,
the swim finish is all the same place.

Open water swim sections are usually mass starts from the water, no diving starts here.

There is a children's event video above explains how a snake swim style works on the LINK

Running on to cycle transition:

  • Competitors usually swim, cycle and run in the same kit. You can put additional clothing OVER your swimwear.
  • No nudity in cycle transition area.
  • Dress for the weather conditions.
  • Do not obstruct other competitors
  • Put on your cycle helmet BEFORE touching your cycle.
  • Leave by the correct exit (BIKE OUT)
  • Do not get on your cycle until you are told to be a marshal (Bike mount position)


then onto theCYCLE COURSE, Competitors must:

  • Follow the HIGHWAY CODE at all times, there are NO road closures, you share the road with others.
  • Ensure thay are whereing a cycle helmet and displaying a race number (on their BACK) at ALL TIMES.
  • Navigate the correct course, competitor is responsible for their own navigation.
  • Course will be marked by signage (signs 18 x 24 inch, black arrows on Yellow background)
  • Obay any marshal or motorcycle official instructions.
  • Must not cycle together, must keep 10metres from competitor in front unless overtaking.
  • No MP3 player / Mobiles allowed to be used.

From cycle course into transition.

  • Dismount BEFORE the line and push your cycle back to your correct racking point.
  • Enter transition by ther correct entrance (BIKE IN)
  • Leave cycle Helmet on & fastened until you have racked your cycle.
  • Do not obstruct other competitors
  • Run course your number must be shown on your FRONT
  • Exit correctly (RUN OUT)

The Run course

  • Follow the marked course and complete the correct number of laps for your event
  • Note that other competitors maybe on a different lap to you, so don't just blindly follow the person in front.
  • Collect a run band if offered this will help you count your laps.
  • Keep to the pathway, remember there are other users.
  • If you need to step into the road it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe.
  • Into the finish when course completed.

Race rules

British Triathlon competiton rules need to be followed in an event please use the LINK

Medal & prize presentations
The Novice event medals are handed out as you finish WELL DONE !!

Retrieving the cycles after the event

  • You will need to show your number to gain entry and when you leave with all your kit.
  • Please no family nembers or dogs in transition as the race may still be going on.
  • No using mobile phones in transition please.


Results, timing and website

  • Timing for the event is an overall time, i.e. start of swim to finish of run.
  • Now we use the timing CHIP, worn by the competitor we can get interim times in between each section.
  • So we have section times for the swim, cycle transition, cycle course, run transition, run course and Finish.
  • Time will be taken as you leave to start the cycle.
  • Time taken again as they enter transition at the END of the cycle.
  • Last intermediate time is taken as they leave the transition area to start the RUN.

The prizes will be presented when the last competitor has crossed the line.
Interim results are posted on the hedgehogtri, web site by 7pm that evening and will be conformed as FINAL by the following Wednesday.

volunteers and restrictions
We always need assistance from others to help ensure the race is run safely and fairly. Anybody assisting will be offered a free entry for another sprint event, a goddie bag or food vouchers.. More on volunteering HERE